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  1. Its the Cow ready for his space mission
  2. LOL@ The tubes on the udders.
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  3. This what i think of your pic and darth vader riding his sith kitten lol
  4. Well, this is what I thought...
  5. Is that in sweden?
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  6. Only in Sweden
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  7. off topic but when will happy's casino be open?
  8. The final stages if the building works are in progress now, so end of august once its fitted...
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  9. I thought this was kinda cute.
  10. Ummm... no.
  11. Found ICC's profile pic on bing :D
    (and in Budahpest Hungary)
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  12. Just search google images on IcecreamCow, you will find it too than.
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  13. Open on friday
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  14. This is what ICC looks like in real life:
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  15. Kinda looks like older content ;)
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