ICC Event Today: (Mob Arena)

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm eating foods! Not wings this time. Beef Stroganoff with Meatballs! :D

    You know what that means?

    I will be doing an event today with prizes! It will likely be a Mob Arena Event on SMP5.

    It will happen in between now and later at a random time...so make sure you're in game or on the forums checking for the post/alerts as much as you can!

    Hope to see you then. :D
  2. First!

    Edit: I just had to be first on anything from you :p Trying to beat xHaro_Der
  3. Heres to wishing I wasn't sitting in bed :( can someone record the event I like these sort of things.
  4. Save some for me and my bro
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  5. Will their be a boss arena? >:3
  6. Heheheheh
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  7. Aww yiss time to die!
  8. Who cares about Mob Arena just keep on enjoying that sweet B
    eef Stroganoff with Meatballs
  9. It's so so sweet.
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  10. Cool need mob arena gear now...
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  11. While I like the Mob Arena a lot, I don't like the cheaters that sometimes play it. I have noticed that there are those who will play in the arena, and then just before dying, log out and log back in again to get out of losing their stuff. The general rule of MA is that you will die if you play, and for people to attempt to continuously evade this basic and fundamental rule is a huge offense in my opinion. I would categorize it as stealing, scamming, and exploiting. If they are going to die, their items don't belong to them again, so they are stealing from the winner. They are scamming other possible winners be falsely presenting their armor and items as grand prizes. And they are exploiting the log out mechanic. The log out mechanic is there so that players won't cheat back into the the arena, not as a method of cheating your way out of it. And yes, crashes are the same things as logging out, since some players seem to think they can get by with calling it that. There has been one player who gets a crashed client (thats what they say), but they log back in almost immediately after. They have "crashed" with only two players left total, how convenient. This player also seems to not crash only when they have won.

    I confronted a player about what they were repeatedly doing, and let them know that it could be considered a major rule break (and at least very disrespectful), and was answered with "whatever, im fine with that" (or something similar).

    I don't mean to be a downer or anything, but I would rather not watch the MA turn into a "who can stay logged in the longest" competition. A habit like this will just grow in popularity.

    It would be nice if there were to be a plugin created so that players in the arena lose items upon being disconnected from the server. I feel like if there were a command that tp'ed a player into the arena and started a connection timer, it would work well. Basically, the timer would only stop if the player died or disconnected, both would cause them to lose their items, or a disconnection could cause a penalty deemed reasonable by the staff.

    If this would be more suited as a suggestion thread, please delete (I have the text saved) or move it [insert viewing staff here]. :)
  12. Time to play the waiting game and some Borderlands 2 again. :D
  13. Just something on the top of my head, are you Russian or anywhere near there? :l
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  14. Well he lives in Milwaukee
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  15. I like Cows :D They're very nice, and friendly :D :)

    EDIT: I know... It's a little awkward and random, but hey, #YOLO xD
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  16. #SWAG!!!
    Secretly We Are Great
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  17. pm me
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