ICC Cloning Facility

Discussion in 'Shutter Talk' started by ArkWarrior1, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Today, i found ICC at a dairy farm, aka cloning facility.
    ICC ^
    unnamed (2).jpg
    Baby ICC sleeping ^
    unnamed (3).jpg
    More Clones! ^

    I also found xI_Like_A_Pigx!
    unnamed (1).jpg
  2. nuuuu someone break out i_like_a_pig like now
  3. Hate seeing stuff like this. :/
  4. why? It's an ongoing joke in the community.
  5. Ah, first time seeing it myself. It's not so much the joke behind it, just the pictures of animals being I guess treated that way? I'm a meat eater, and we all know where it comes from and how it's done, but seeing pictures of it just is a reminder and is to real. Just sad to see I suppose.
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  6. Is that a kid holding a knife in the picture with the pig?
  7. lol no, it is a little sensor wand type thing that you would use to see how many pigs are in the womb.
  8. I kind of want to throw up at that picture :oops: I know that they're bred to be cut up for people to eat like, but can they not be given a bit more space to live?
  9. Confinement = More animals = More food = More money

    It is very cruel and I for one am not for it either, you can see why some people do it, but these are living animals, just like us...
  10. why give tem space to live if your going to butcher them soon for people to eat. space is money. Look at malls IRL and in game. every space counts. In retail they teach us that every square foot is worth $300 a day and if you are not selling that much your display is wrong. Cow farms are no different.

    But I want an ICC clone where can I get one
  11. Not necessarily. You get a bunch of cows on a field, they will soon start breeding and there will be more cows. When they come of age, atleast they've lived a happy and free life. That's how i've always seen it done in the UK. I don't know about the rest of Europe, but i'm assuming all countries in the European Union have it the same?
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  12. You're right, however some people restrict more than just the space, also restricting food and so on so forth, however I am not 100% sure how it works, as I live in the UK also, and here in England everything looks to be as you say, a bunch of cows in a field, which is nicer for them, and in all honesty, I do not see an advantage to rearing your animals in a harsher environment, it may even harm the way the meat tastes and the value of it.. if the cow was more, restricted?

    I think I waffled a bit there, but a free life is the way all animals should have life :)
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