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  1. So I was going wood cutting in SMP4 saw this:

    I soon removed it:

    I know the iCHG from their YouTube but you will find that not me
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  2. so they Grief Servers? am i right ?
  3. Yep

    EDIT: Another version of aVo
  4. Keep that bunch of discussting vermin out of our server.
    Those guys are the lowest of the lowest.
  5. Totally agreeed im just warning people
  6. Kinda off topic here, but I'm really surprised that the big members from AVo/iCanHasGrief/other griefing teams haven't been pre-banned. Like, I get wanting to give everyone a fair chance to come and play EMC, but surely some of the biggest griefers deserve it. On their MC Bans page, it looks like quite a few servers do so, and I honestly think it would be a good thing to do on EMC.
  7. 1 problem i got a ban record :'( griefing but the admins really annoyed they jailed me and rolledback my sauceum sauceum house
  8. Yes, but you're not a high ranked member of a well known grief team. I'm not saying use MC bans to pre-ban people, I was just showing that some other servers do it. What I was saying is, pre-ban all the known, high up members of griefing teams.
  9. Oh so say like 5+ griefing records = BAN! Reason: Your not awesome to be in EMC!
  10. I wonder if its them at LLO, because we are continuous hit every couple of days or so
  11. Not exactly. Take MC Bans out of the equation and you're left with just the griefing team bit. Now, for example, to work out who the major members of Team AVo are wouldn't be that hard IMO, you could probably just work it out using their website and videos.
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  12. Could be never seen anything about aVo
  13. Whoever said "Don't you dare come on EMC" on one of their videos, please delete it. Don't want to give them ideas. :)
  14. Hahaha, giant singleplayer troll! JK.
    ICHG also stands for
    i see hunger games
    Ice cap has gone
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  15. notice the lower case i

    [there was a link here but i removed it because its spam (dunno why)]
  16. Prebanning them is a good idea, stop the grief before it happens, but it seems to be starting.
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  17. don't ever say that word again.

    EMC doesn't use MC Bans.