i would note this if you find marlix

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  1. hey guys i have now seen 7 marlix's since i joined emc call that a goal? well i don't because i havn't killed 1! i mean its ridiculousness now im not trying to bad talk emc at all infact i love emc and what they do it's a very nice and kind thing but what im trying to say is marlix has problems when i find him he has no helmet weird? he always despawn's within 15 minutes also he's inpossible to hit i think marlix needs to be fixed im just putting that out there also on the other hand everything else is great keep up the good work emc :cool:
  2. There's been numerous bugs with Marlix since his creation. The helmet disappears because of the damage it's been absorbing, and breaks. He's actually fairly easy to kill. All you have to do it get him trapped in a cave or tree and beat the living crap out of him with a Smite 5 sword. Or get a few good hits on him using a power 5 bow.
  3. so you would think momentus has problems to but he dosent
  4. The code for Momentus is a lot different then Marlix's. Marlix is riding an invisible and invisible bat, wearing armor, and is on fire. Problems are bound to arise there. Momentus is just an ordinary giant (despite the draw in).
  5. And they both summon asistance
  6. That shouldn't have anything to do with why Marlix randomly dies.
  7. the two things that mess marlick up up is him shooting himself like a dummy, or his bat landing in water and him despawning instantly from it