I will never understand my sister.

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  1. Yesterday, my family went shopping, and my sister bought one of those Buddy DVDs , she watched 5 TIMES yesterday, and is still watching it... I don't know if she thinks it changes every time or if she just finds it fun to watch them same thing in a row.... Also, if you tell her to shut up, she calls for our dad, but she can say it whenever she wants..
  2. lol sister how old is she?
  3. Woe she is well extreme :p
  4. I got a brother that is just like that
  5. 8
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  6. this is living hell since im her brother too. :(
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  7. i can understand lol :p
  8. really?
  9. ya me and legit are brothers so therefore she is my sister :(
  10. WELL... My mom and dad found him in the middle of nowhere...
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  11. why are you not Diamond supporter?
  12. I dont need it. I already have swag... well, swag in the sense that I have more swag then my brother...
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  13. well get Iron :p
  14. To little swag.
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  15. Gold :p
  16. you dont have JACK CRAP of swag and ima hapy i don't either.i hate being known at school.
  17. My little sister is still annoying and she is 20...
  18. To much

    I has musical swag.
  19. I find this hard to believe.
  20. You are probably the annoying one.
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