I will create any player an avatar.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by nastomic, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. So recently, I have taken a break from Minecraft and gone into digital art. I bought myself a $200 Wacom tablet and found myself really good. I haven't really publicly shared my skills yet, I have just made avatars for my friends.

    I am posting this thread because I want to share my skills with the EMC community. I will create any player who asks a high-quality avatar (800x800). I will not ask for a price for this service, yet I would like to ask for a donation if you like yours.

    Here are some examples:

    Please post below if you want one.
  2. Wow Nice job! I think I Know a friend that might need one. Ill go get them now!
  3. These are really cool! I would like one. :)
  4. :D Cool.
    If you can, please make me an avatar! :) I'm also open to change mine :p
  5. Ill take one please :)
  6. I'll take on myself! :D
  7. Can I have one plz :D
  8. I'll take one :)
  9. Pretty cool. I'll bite. I know you aren't asking for a price, but does 2500 sound good?
  10. As much as I like the one I got now, go ahead and see what you can make that goes with my name and ill see if I like it ;) If I like it ill pay 1500r :)
  11. Could I have one? I'll probably send a donation later just because.
  12. Could you make me one? I'll probably give you 2,000 rupees cause why not.