I was banned for stating my side of an arguement.

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  1. Now, first of all, this isn't an appeal to get unbanned, it says I will be unbanned in 1 1/2 days. I am just upset that I was banned for stating my opinion. There was a person named Budur, WhO wAs TyPiNg LiKe ThIs for one or two messages as a joke, and he got muted. so I decided to do the same thing, and said that I don't think he should've been muted. Then I was muted for "Don't spam caps or talk back to a moderator" for an entire day. So I grabbed a book and quill and basically said that it was a joke and don't see why we were muted. And THEN, I was BANNED by Torian42 for "Inciting Drama". Now, you all did a promo for Independence Day, so by that I assume you support the rights for a US citizen. The first amendment states that everyone has the freedom of speech. In the book, I was using that right, and I get banned for it? That is pretty messed up. (By the way, the person who muted and who I sent the book to was Damiensmom11, who is a moderator. Not sure if moderators can ban, which is why Torian42 banned me instead of Damien.) This is outrageous and it needs to be sorted out.


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  2. I think it was more that you were tempbanned for arguing with staff, and intentionally causing public drama.
    If you wish to learn more, PM Torian, posting about it publicly won't help you.
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