I was banned For a reason witch isnt true (why???)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by caza_awsome1, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. please get back to me I havent done anything wrong, I left the server and came on about an hour later and i was banned for illegal mods. I dont know why, and i litterally just paid for diamond upgrade please get back to me cause I realy want to play as it took me up to 5 weeks to raise enough money to for for the upgrade. please!
  2. Wrong way to appeal a ban, PM the moderator who banned you
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  3. PM who banned you. This is the wrong way to appeal.
  4. You were banned for using illegal mods, staff now can find out if you x-ray etc. And if you weren't using them then they could only be an issue with a bug but highly unlikely. PM the staff that banned you, and dont give the
    'my brother/friend did it'
    Or anything like that, it doesn't work and they have heard it all before. And if you were using mods, shame on you and you deserved whats coming.
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  5. Upgrading to Diamond 2 hours after getting permabanned maybe isn't the best of ideas as it does not buy your way out of a ban.

    Please appeal to Maxarias, and if your appeal is denied, you can ask IcecreamCow for a refund.
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