I was banned for 24 hours but its pass 24 hours and now it says 17 hours...

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Zackinblack, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. It said i was banned for 24 hours and i waited exactly 24 hours actually over all 24 hours so about 30-38 hours then when i try to log in i t says 17hours till you be unbanned. what just happen..?
  2. You probably got banned for a good reason. Don't post this here, PM a moderator for help.
  3. Please take it up with the mod who banned you, and not on the forums.
  4. so when someone asks for help...lovely
    he's not appealing his ban.

    Yes,in regards to the OP, PM a mod for help.
  5. Well it did say -empire help and support so i thought this would help I:
  6. Your ban is 48 hours. We've got a weird bug where it says you are banned for 24 hours, but really it's 48 hours.

    Also, the forums aren't really the place to post this. You should PM a moderator, senior staff member, or admin for help.
    You're lovely - telling this to a player who is requesting help. You are a very nice person /sarcasm.
  7. No worries. You were not really appealing a ban. Don't make it a habit though ;)

    It appears you were banned yesterday, and the ban was for 2 days. It will be up in 17 hours.
  8. Fix'd :p
  9. Ok thank you
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  10. Clearly what I said, was said by many others. Sorry for saying "buhbye" at the end, this really incriminates me.
  11. Nah, I meant a habit at all. It's a saying ;)
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