I was banned for 1 day for having a certain skin on?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by zZzSleepinGrunt, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. Just to let everyone know I was banned for having a certain skin on 1 whole day. Where in the 10 rules/commandments does it say players are not allowed to wear certain skins that offend religion,culture, or race? I was given no warning and nobody was offended by this. I seriously doubt this server will get very far if people are banned for wearing certain skins without warning.
  2. Your wearing a Hitler skin. This was already posted and I would suggest a longer to permanent ban. You are obviously just trying to make people angry and then trolling on the forums.
  3. I recommend you change the offensive skin and then private message the moderator that temp banned you.

    Edit: This community will get far BECAUSE of our rules ;)
  4. I am not? Lol i'll change my skin there is no doubt about that but seriously? No warning at all Frodomann1. Nobody was angry at me. Besides the moderator who has a short temper
  5. Dude I can see your skin on beside your name. Looks a wholeeee lot like Hitler.
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  6. I have locked this because further discussion is not necessary.
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  7. When you signed up to the website, you agreed that you read the terms and conditions. Either you forgot or you lied. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you forgot...

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  8. It was mentioned by someone else who said they were VERY offended by it- I am not short tempered at all.
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  9. You posted this on Friday... We have now have 10 live, integrated servers and over 25,000 registered members... Your logic is illogical... :)

    Sorry, had to dredge up this topic one more time. I couldn't resist pointing out the flaw. :)
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