I Was Ban?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BawFon, Oct 19, 2013.

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  1. Why was I ban if I have not been on in like 2 months I have loged on for a minute or 2 hear and there but no much and when I went to the ban appeal it said I can get unban but I have to start over. But why I have been playing for like a year and my ress has a year worth of work can I please get some help.
  2. You are banned for griefing. Please PM the moderator that banned you (says name when trying to log into emc) with an appeal (the appeal as you mentioned) and you will have to start over because you griefied - you will have to take it up with them.
  3. Contact the moderator that banned you via PM (Start a conversation) to talk about your ban appeal. :)
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  4. You must appeal the ban by the Staff Member who banned you.
  5. I was ban? I wonder if the mods will even be able to read your appeal.
  6. In the future, if you're ever banned again, you can't appeal by talking to the public about it. Also, I think you should work on your sentence structures.
  7. That post was completley insulting and uncalled for.
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  8. lets just see about that once he gets an answer from the staff.....
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  9. Champ I agree with Jtc That is EXTREMELY rude and mean if u have to point that out say it in a more appropriate way
  10. I heard you were banned and it made me sad. Plese pm the mod that banned you. I remember when you were a nominee for the empire good samaritan award.
  11. Contact has been made.
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