I want your throwable chicken eggs and HIRING wood cutters on my res!

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  1. So do you have a heap of chicken eggs laying in your inventory? Please feel free to throw them in my chicken pen! I shall be soon setting up chests for them but am not sure how much they are worth per 16 (a stack).

    Also I am hiring wood cutters to help me farm my tree farms and replant!
    Each staff member will be paid 10r per stack that they place within their "access" chest. Once you fill the chest alert me and I shall set up another! Then the rate will be increased to 15r a stack.
    YOU WILL BE MONITORED and banned from my res if you steal!(I have many eyes)

    The employee with the highest stack per week will be awarded extra rupees, diamonds or wolf eggs.
    I will be present only two days a week so payment will be delayed (Tuesdays and Saturdays).

    In order to apply you must Comment below with your details, why you want to work and productivity etc. I will then test you to see if you are suitable.
  2. Just for your reference, I sell eggs at 2r per stack if you're interested. :)
  3. I sell eggs at 4005 SMP2 - literally a full chest.
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  4. I'm not sure about the price, but Hayley's is cheaper.
  5. BUMP!! I need workers
  6. I may be interested. What server is your res on? smp8?
  7. Yes please apply with the method above I have given. I shall be online tomorrow.
  8. I have free eggs for you if you want. Something like a full inventory I think.
  9. Cool! Could you throw them in my chicken pen? (Past my humble store and trees where the animals are)
  10. Which smp?
  11. SMP8 Res 16803
  12. I can cut your wood twice per week!
  13. Alright If you can work for me please Inbox me so I can process your application!
  14. http://postimage.org/image/iphnd52px/full/
    Not Sure If IMAGE works but Below me is the Massive Birch Farm (Special Thanks to LZBZ_DW, Tibberly and a few others whom I have forgotten names)
    I NEED people to help me farm! Please Apply Here!
  15. I wouldn't mind working. I kinda need some extra rupees to get "up there" (I have about 14,300r). Also, I finish all my work in one sitting, with maybe a delay here or there when something important pops up, but I'll usually tell you or come back and finish it immediately after (A.K.A. 5-10 minutes later. :p). Finals are about to be over (2 more days) so I'll have a lot more time to work during the summer. Not to mention, I'm on SMP8 as well! :D

    Also, I sell 16 eggs for 4r. I believe that to be a decent price, and I have PLENTY. :3