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Keep prismarine and add 3rd floor, or prismarine shards, crystals, and ice now?

Don't be dumb Sgt_Pepper4! You need moar giant displays and 3rd floor! 13 vote(s) 68.4%
I want my ice sooner! I've been waiting 13.8 billion years for this! 6 vote(s) 31.6%
  1. Hi folks!
    I have a bit of a dilemma. It's about old blocks and new blocks. You see I currently have prismarine in those big displays I have at /v +bulk. They dont do very heavy volume. So I guess here's my question.

    Do I keep trying to price these blocks right? Or do I take them out and add ice, snow, and packed ice in these big displays?

    Conditions of each choice:
    1.If I try to keep trying to price the big displays until they work, I'll have to build a 3rd floor for the ice, snow, and packed ice displays.

    2.If I replace the prismarine with ice, I wont have to build a 3rd floor just yet (which could take me a month at most I'm guessing) and save on material costs of setting up new giant displays. If I go with this option I plan on still doing prismarine shards and crystals, so you could still technically make any prismarine block you want.

    So what do my customers think about my mental debate? Vote and let me know :D. I guess you comment below about stuff.

  2. replace them with the other things, but make a small shop(like the one for lava buckets) for it
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  3. Make sure you vote :).
  4. That area next to the prismarine, switch that with packed ice
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  5. Its not wide enough, and I kind of want some consistancy even if I didn't take the time to properly fit it in. Lol
  6. prismarine doesn't sell... believe me if anyone knows
    <---- this guy knows.

    The only way to sell prismarine in bulk is at auction WELL under "fair market" value XD

    Edit: --------------------------VVVVVVVV------ seee?
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  7. Don't forget to vote :)
  8. My prismarine is cheap and I seem to sell plenty of it! I sell it at 8040
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  9. Mine is cheap too and it DOES sell but not in any mass quantities unless I auction it. I have so much overstock I could supply almost every mall on emc :-P

    Visited before. visited again, still no prices on any prismarine that i can find :p Just says "pm me offers" If there is no price I guess you can SAY its cheap all day lol
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  10. Wow so the public is indifferent about this? No more votes?
  11. Prismarine is not really in demand at all. Dark prismarine is in medium demand and sea lanterns are in demand. Why would building a third floor take a month? I'm sure you can do it in less :)
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  12. Well I wouldnt want to burn myself out so I doubt I could build it all at once, plus I'm sure I'd need to tweak other stuff in my shop, wild builds, road edit etc. I dont think I'm going to get the numbers aikar gets so that we can have good vote : /. It was tied yesterday.
  13. Personally, I'd prefer to have a third floor added (and the second floor cleaned up) as a priority. I'm not a huge customer, but having a clean and organized shop is more important to me than a few new blocks for sale in the short term.
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  14. Don't forget to vote :)
  15. Plan for the future. Do a third floor, because you'll want it when 1.9 brings us purple blocks to play with.
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  16. Interesting thought. Thanks :).