I want to change my server

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  1. I want to change my server from smp1 to smp5 but I want my things with me. I will use the vault to get my things in smp 5 but where will I put them I only have one residence allowed so I can't transfer from old residence to the new one beacuse I can't take another residence until I leave the first one. So any ideas ??
  2. You could ask someone on smp 5 if they will let you store your stuff on their plot while you're moving, of course offering them a little monetary sum can help too.
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  3. There are a few things you could do.

    Arguably the most obvious would be to get a trusted friend to go hold some items on his/her res. Imparanoid did this with me when he was moving his res (which, was quite frankly, huge).

    Second would be to get a gold supporter ship, but that would cost real money, and not everyone spends money for pixels, so I can't blame you if you don't choose this one.

    The third (and least reliable) would be to make a base in the wild, put stuff here, and then go back to town. If you can't lock chests, then this is possibly the worst way you could do it.
  4. I don't know any one there
  5. You could ask someone on smp1 to hold your items, and then just vault them over, vault by vault.
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  6. The third way is nice. I will not lock them beacause it is too expensive to lock 8 chests but I will hide them in the sea.
  7. You can use mine if you like, save you the money.
    The offer is there.
  8. Ill be one smp1 if you want storage. I'll do it for free.
  9. Please don't do that. Take up RainbowChin or Equinox_Boss on their offers instead. I'll vouch for them(not that my word means anything either). Also, doesn't Maxarias have a residence on that server? She might help you out too.
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  11. Thanks :)
    But really, just dump your stuff on my res and then I'll help you transfer.
  12. Oh ok. I have seen her there a lot in the past. Possibly at a friend's residence. Or maybe she was spying on me.
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  13. Something I do is to use vault to store my stuff in my character's inventory on all the servers that I don't play on. So I don't really use SMP7, for example, so I can vault my stuff into my SMP7 character's inventory until I have a new res.

    If you only really play on 2 or 3 servers, this gives you 7 or 8 inventories, plus your vault, to store things in.

    However, since other people have offered chests on their res, that's going to be easier (and less vault fees to pay as well).
  14. Well, I stored my items under the deep ocean and replaced the hall in it with dirt so it is 100% safe no one can see it

    I reset my residence and typed unclaim. It says you must wait 1 hour before unclaiming residence.

    23% completed
    Time left: 1 hour

    So I can't play after 1 hour. And will do it tomorrow

    Am done :)
  15. Please do not curse.
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  16. Sorry
  17. Well, edit your post... but ok...
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  19. I could let you use the chests at my place if you need. I don't need to charge you anything, but it's really up to you. In smp1