I want an island.

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  1. I went out on a journey in the frontier wild (smp6), just thinking about collecting some resource. Now I feel like establishing my actual home here on the island I found and just don't want to pay 1,000r every time I lock my chest. Should I claim this place as an outpost? Then will I be able to use some commands (/home example) like I do in the town?


    If anyone interested in developing a town together here on the island I am currently staying, contact me! Nooby players are most welcome because I am damn noobier than anyone else. :) It would be great to have a nooby union where we can help each other, explore the game, and explore the frontier together.
  2. No you will not. However, once empires come out you will be able to.
  3. Read 2 pinned posts on this forum section.
    For now you can only establish your outpost in widerness. No commands are available, and charges are the same trough all wilderness.
    However there are new features planned with the Empires update.
  4. oh, maybe the distance from the frontier outpost in not enough...
  5. Thank you for the replies.

    OK. so... does it have any effect when you establish an outpost? What would change?
    I read the pinned posts but don't really understand what's going to happen when you establish an outpost.
  6. It lets the staff know that you are the rightful owner of it, so if you were to invite more people out there and one of them was trying to change something, you would have final say in the matter. Sorry if that example isn't clear.
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  7. Ok. I understand, i guess.Thank you for the reply. Anyway I found the distance is not far enough from the existing frontier outpost.
  8. you'll be able to, but it will be VERY expensive to do so..

    but, regardless if you claim the land for yourself at all there is still that fee for locking anything in the wild, it ensures on one steals your things. :) voting every day on a few sites will easily get you enough for a chest a day :D

    slash is right too, if you want more information just head over here!
  9. shouldn't there be 'ensures no one steals' instead of 'ensures on one steals' ;)
  10. what?
  11. What is the empire update?
  12. Whoawwowowoowawoah...
    D update is out?...where you can buy frontier land?
  13. If da update was out, there would be a stampede of Outpost Owners heading to buy protection.

    Probably with me limping behind because I have one of the worst rail connections to Spawn.
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  14. I dont believe it will be like you think... I believe you need a Dragon egg. Because few people have them, I guess there will be few people "running" to get them.
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