I wanna be a supporter but I can't

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  1. Justin is there another way to pay you? Can there be some sort of alternative payment? Like gift cards, mobile payment, or etc?
  2. You can still suport the empire without being a supporter via the donation thing in the rupees tab (-:
    I wish I could be a supporter :(
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  3. Sorry, I would like to add more payment options but it is difficult. I am in talks with a couple alternative payment providers to try and get another way than PayPal/CC to support :)
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  4. Why cant you Sopby?
  5. I really afford money out. I'm 17 and have no job (-:
  6. Well okay that be a reason. Somebody once said money is important to pay something :) But anyways seems you forum work supports fine too :p
  7. I'm pretty sure you can buy a pre-paid charge card at your local Walmart or Target. I do believe that would work. Haven't tried it myself yet though. They come as Visa, or American Express. Some places won't except them, and they're hard to work with PayPal - though it can be done. There is also no monthly charge for these cards.

    If not having money is the problem than go to your school with your backpack empty and collect 2 plastic bottles a day and return them. Depending on where you live, you could get quite a bit of cash from that and could get $10 - $20 easily.
  8. Or try to get a job,like being a waiter.You should be old enough for that
  9. unless you're underage or live in a country where the economy is collapsed like in america lol
  10. gentleman.. if you were so kind to read "your" / "the" paypal terms of service and what not... you'll find a way to deposit CASH (wich u dont need a credit card to do so) into paypal's bank accoutn in your country and add a code (your account code) so your paypal account gets credited... then after it gets credited u can use it to support EMC

    OBVIOUSLY make sure you deposit the "next month's" supporter amount with enough time for your account to be credited so he recurrent payment goes trhough