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  1. So I was showing a guy a mine on smp 2, and someone followed me other than the guy i was helping. When we got far in the mine the follower (Name Removed) set me on fire and took a new enchanted unbreakable pick as well as a diamond armor and everything else i had on me. How can he be punished and I get my stuff back, all i have as far as a screenshot is live map
  2. Sadly, this does occur. Although there is no pvp, this is not considered direct harm by the Minecraft software and therefore is permitted. You'll need to get proof that you were both there when you died or somehing else that proves he killed you.
  3. Live map won't help. Also please PM a moderator about this, a forum post - escpecially in this topic - is not appropriate.

    PvP is not allowed, but this is one thing Administators can't stop.
  4. I put in a report instantly, but wasnt able to get a good screenshot fast enough. Just sucks because i had all my good crap on me since i didnt plan to be there long
  5. I had a guy named dwarfminer with me, he was close but not sure in direct line of sight to see it :/
    other than that like i said just this screnshot. He ran off after setting me on fire, then came back for my stuff

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  6. best thing you can do in situations like these is to spam f2, hopefully you catch a scrnshot of them in the act with that.
  7. Problem is on my laptop f2 also controls my wifi, hitting it disconnects, which now seems like a better idea for the future...
  8. hmmm, i would say change the key binding for your wifi, but i dont know what model your laptop is lol.
  9. U can use alternate software if u got problem with the wifi key.
    Maybe Fraps (I think it can take picture too. right?) or Snagit. and set the key to your prefered choice.
  10. Sorry to hear this happened mate, I hate people that do that! Hope it gets some level of attention by the staff and hopefully gets sorted out. :)
  11. Yah, well i have been told that this guy has done this before. I hate that he is able to keep doing this. I wish there was like an unofficial list of know thiefs, griefers etc, at least the unproven ones. So there is some warning. And yah i used my prntscrn button and saved into paint, just too slow though.
  12. I have a mac, and because of all those tricky pre-binded keys, hitting f2 toggles my brightness (which isn't nearly as useful as the disconnecting, however.) I try to use fn + f2, but often it just isn't quick enough.
  13. that's one thing I hate about macs :( not being able to use F keys as fast as the REGULARS ._. but Macs are nice though
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  14. Using fire against a player is PvP on our server. We'll be keeping an eye on this one.
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  15. Green will solve this Mystery! ;)
  16. You can use lava and falling sand or gravel to kill people sadly, because this can occur naturally and kill you. Some people even use this as a weapon. I have a friend who did this once. (He got himself banned for 2 days :p)
  17. There is NO PVP anywhere on any Empire Minecraft server.
    You are not allowed to kill any other player(s)
  18. Do not fret or worry RkRamer.The EMC staff can catch anyone and will catch him.You can run from anything in the world...Except for the EMC staff.
    Reassured they will descend apon the griefer with their powers and incinerate him :)
    Well as soon as they get proof or the change ( They 99% will!)
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  19. A new one MR2! XD Keep up the shuffle zebra!
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  20. Actually, if you look in the keyboard settings, you can change the bindings so that the F keys work like Windows F keys. :D