I think you should be able to pay supporter just for a month

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sagem4tt, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. I think you would get a lot more people if you could buy supporter just for the month instead of having to have to set up direct debt because its a lot of hassle to do.
    If people could just click gold for a month then you get it for 30 days would be much better. also if you get some younger users on the game who want a supporter upgrade then it would save the parents trouble of having to cancel the subscription when their child is bored of the game.
    I think you should keep the subscription on the site but also offer an alternate for the users that want just one month.
  2. You realise you can just hit 'Cancel' on your Subscription at any time on this website yes?

    So if you want thirty days, you hit 'Cancel' on the 30th day - I'm not sure if you hit cancel at 15 days, will it continue to run through for the remaining days though.
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  3. Actually...you can subscribe, go into the upgrades page and hit cancel a minute later, and it will run out your month that you purchased already, and not re-bill at the end. :)
  4. i know this but i was just saying it would be a lot easier if you could do this. And some other users may not know this a might be put off by the idea i think you would get more customers but i dont know maybe put a poll up on the site and see what the community thinks :)
  5. Well, I think if they were truly set on only paying for one month of supporter features that they would have searched the forums pretty well. It is, after all, on the first page of the help and support forum =)
  6. I want to pay in other ways, not pay pal only (yeah i know there is a -no pay pal button- but it's just same pay pal platform) please?
  7. copherfield, in other threads, Justin has explained that he will look into other methods of payment to see if any are feasible. In the mean time, you can always take cash to a local drug store or grocery store and load a pre-paid card. Sure, you pay an extra couple bucks as a convenience fee, but, as a supporter, my opinion is it is worth it (if you can afford to do so). Hope this helps!
  8. OW That exists?
    *Runs to the next drugstore, fast as hell*
  9. I sense SARCASM! seriously, though... for a while when I had a bad bank experience I had just a prepaid card. I had to pay 4 bucks to load it up, but it worked just as well and I didn't have to wait for things to 'pend' and 'post'. It really was worth the 4 bucks per load... in my opinion, I would have paid 10 dollars per month for a bank account that would allow me to post things immediately to make life easier, so prepaid cards are really well worth the hassle in that aspect. But without a bank account with a debit card or a credit card, you're SOL without a prepaid card. Prepaid mastercards seem to be the best. Hope this helps =)