I think we should make a build mode.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by brandop123, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. On all the EMC servers many people are trying to make new things,and when the servers get full it annoys all of us when we can't finish.
    My idea is I think we should make a build mode,the thinking behind this is we should make a way to enter the servers and go on our plot and build without actually being online.
    Please take this under consideration.
  2. could you explain your idea a little more? being online while offline confuses me.
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  3. i have no idea about anything technical i thought that if it is possible some people would like this so i posted about it.
  4. Do you mean a way to download our plot to our computer, edit it, the re-upload it to the server with the new changes? It's a good idea, it would free up slots but it would be hard to secure against hacking in items and such.
  5. Without being online your data that you are creating by destroying or placing blocks cannot be saved on the server. So the next time you get a place and go to your res, nothing will be there.

    There is a fix however:

    Singleplayer :p
  6. Would never be implemented because of the shear amount of server resources required to download and upload a res, imagine having lots of people doing it. It would crash the servers :)
  7. that could work im thinking.good idea
  8. yeah, i think mr2r2m is right, it would probably take more resources than adding more slots so you could be online.

    that said:
    it would be cool to be able to export your plot. say, pay 20$ or something and have the server prepare a file while its in maintence or something and have it available to download and have in single player. i think mcedit has a schematic format. then you could have a single player world with all your builds over time :D like an interactive scrap book.