I think the protected area in the wild should be smaller.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Or at least make it so you can mine under it past 20 blocks deep.
  2. that is a good idea, have you ever found a vein of diamond in the protected area XD
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  3. Yeah, there might be LOTS of diamond under it but I NEED lapis ATM, and, if anything, its under there, mocking me.
  4. XD, funny
  5. There is a huge world everywhere around it. Just take a trip to the nearest unexplored land and start digging.
  6. I know there is but if you ask me, its still way to big. Just think of all the stuff you could use, that you cant get to.
  7. It used to be a lot smaller. It was increased to a 100 block radius from the spawn point to help with how quickly the world gets destroyed. It actually did help a lot, you just need to go out a little further and not mine right outside the safe zone :)
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  8. I don't mine right out side, I go boating to other places but if you ask me, you could maybe shave 20 blocks off of it.
  9. You have a Good point.But if they opened up under the spawn, it would look REALLY REALLY bad from coming back. It would look llike a semi floating peice of crap with a nicee landscape on top
  10. Minecraft worlds are huge, theoretically 8 times the size of earth apparently. There is so much other space to dig, I'm sure a 200x200x60 protected area isnt goin to be hiding a massive hoard of loot. It really isn't that hard to walk a few hundred blocks to mine.
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  11. Ya, I don't see a real need for this. Just remember we do have the outpost system :D
  12. Use the Nether. Make a safe route that goes a fair distance from the Nether spawn, stick a portal down, warp, et voila, a new, unspoiled vista for you to systematically destroy. :D
  13. wow kil, that actually works!
  14. Can I have that sarcasm to go please? :p
  15. In a cave of mine (very near the spawn area) i found like 2 or more diamonds, so i ran to it to mine it and when i destroyed one of them it said "this is the protected spawn area" bla bla bla.
    And It is so frustrating when you see something you want to mine and then you can't:rolleyes:
  16. Dont feel bad at all. Sooooooo much avail land to mine, why be so close to spawn???
  17. allow digging under 20 blocks of spawn = people turning the spawn in to a big island levitating in mid-air = bad idea.
  18. what you just said= funny accidents XD

    jk, your right, i never thought about that fact
  19. New island named Spawn Island thats floats= 500000000 complaints for the admins and mods have to deal with.
  20. I can trade lapis. Meet me when im on smp2 at res 4317.