I think I've been burgled...??

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  1. My shop, on server 5 at res 11113, had about 15 - 16 stacks of diamonds in a sign shop as of at least Monday. Now all but 3 diamonds are gone and my rupee balance doesn't reflect that kind of purchasing. I checked out my rupee history and there's no history of them being sold between Monday and now nor is there any massive sales to my shops that could account for me missing that much rupee balance. It would have been in the vacinity of 60,000 rupees if I had sold them but I only have 5000 ish in my balance. Is there anyway to find out what happened to them???

    PS. Yes one other person has access to the res but he's my husband so, no, he didn't steal them... :)
  2. You could just make them give them back if so. Make him a horrible dinner, and or take him to Denny's Lol.
  3. lol a Minecraft divorce? But that sucks. I can't imagine having that many diamonds let alone losing them. Hope you find out what happened.
  4. I would have put that many diamonds in the vault...
  5. Wow, this isn't the first case of this happening. Just recently someone else posted about losing diamonds in a shop chest as well. Maybe the admins should look into this, as it could be someone abusing a bug with the shops. Makes me wonder even more now that a reputable source has lost a lot of diamonds. I hope they catch the person involved, if it is in fact a person.
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  6. Cant people open the chests due to bug with the S(ell) thing?
  7. W8, how in hell you got 15+ diamond STACKS? This doesnt smell nice for me... Idk u guys
  8. Because I'm a diamond member with a huge shop and they were part of my inventory. They've been selling too cheaply on my server lately so I've been buying a lot and selling very few.
  9. Taarna is not the type of player to be dishonest. She is diamond supporter of Empire Minecraft and has one of the most successful shops on the server.

    There are logs of what players do here.
    It is work to go through them,but it can be done.

    The Admins would do well not to ignore this.
    If there is a chest exploit, everyone will be affected eventually.

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  10. taarna when u on come to smp5 think i know something more to it. not saying what now. but i think i know the timeline of the chat
  11. Taarna not sure if this will help but ask the mods to look at chat at this time.
    Saturday at 4:55 PM
    not sure if ur time is the same as mine but i am CET time. That was soon after that some chat came up.
  12. Not sure if this is related but there has been an unusual amount of diamonds being sold to my shop within the last days, around 6 stacks I think, same with iron. While it is always possible this is coincidence I thought I'd better mention it since the price had been stable for some weeks before and now fell due to increased supply with stable demand.