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  1. ...To tell my story of minecraft :p

    At my primary school
    I heard some of my (not really) friends talking about
    these people on youtube called the Yogscast and how they were playing minecraft
    of course at the time I hadn't heard of the Yogscast so I asked my friend who they were and what was minecraft, he said it was a long story and to **** off. When I got home I asked my mum if I could check to see who these Yogscast characters were, so I checked and at that time they were just at the end of 1.7.3 (so they had 1.8 pre releases out a couple of weeks later) I asked my mum if I could get minecraft, she said to me you can get it as a 'prize' if you win your waterpolo game on sunday, it was a very close game (I believe) but we just won :D
    so I got minecraft! It was the greatest day of my life a soon as I got on I started a new world (I still have that world because of good ol' 1.7.3 generation)
    I played probably close to five hours all up
    (my laptop didn't like that)
    a couple months later my very very very close friend
    came over from Australia, he brought his laptop :)
    and he told me to check out this server he was on, so I did as soon as I logged on I was on a person called bi11ionaire's res I didn't know what to do, so my friend told me to log out, go on the internet and go on the website and sign up. And when I logged on I said to my friend WHAT IS THIS PLACE! he said it's the tutorial and I got through it faster (apparently) than he did. When I was out of the tutorial I typed /v open as per request of the people who were on at the time (I believe Imparanoid told me what to do) and by the luck of the draw I got res 9412 (which is still there :D) I went to the wild, died maybe 20-30 times in the same spot, which made me nearly rage quit but now I'm happy I didn't because I got to make sooooo many new friends

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  5. Kiwi - limeanaide drink :) ?
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