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  1. So, I've been on the server for quite a while now and just realized that i never posted on this.
    My name is James, I am a freshman in college. I am majoring in music education. Gildleroux is my roommate in real life, but he is really shy in this game and irl.
    On my lot, #2324, I have an apartment complex. and with the residential update that Justin came out with yesterday it is now a risk free place to stay. Thanks a lot for that Justin.
    I play most evenings, but I've been on Skyrim a lot lately.
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  2. Glad you enjoyed that residence update :)
  3. I have to say, of all the updates that you have come out wiht since i have been here. taht one is gonna be my favorite
  4. Actually it is mine too :)
  5. Mine too. Fantastic work. :)
  6. Nice to meet you. I love these post because I never get to meet many people anymore. Glad you are loving the empire and all the hard work our staff do!
  7. glad to see someone push utilize that update as it is indeed intended. An apartment complex sounds extravagant given the soon to be shortage of lots until the smp3 server
  8. i see empty lots all over the SMP1 server. i mean julia_k reset hers or burned it down or just up and left. not sure which. dude across from me had some weird stuff going on. looked like endermen criddled the crap outta whatever it was that was there and the plot. and now its almost back to normal. jazzerus has 3 people around him that have had nothing at all on them since i joined the server. all in all theres plenty of open lots available just people have them claimed and theres nothing there. what would be nice is if we had the ability to set a foundation and somehow move it around the lot till we have it where we want it to maximise space, somehow this is possiblem as to how i have 0 clue if it is do able
  9. hmm mobs such as enderman shouldnt spawn in the town
  10. well single communities do seem to be growing in popularity on the server lately. Consisting of 5-6 people or even more on a single lot. And an entire apartment complex seems like it would be a great idea especially for those who really do not spend time in the town often.
  11. i know that. it was spirratic missing blocks here and there. like ok heres a 60x60 lot. but theres random blocks missing under a floating cobble house is what i meant
  12. i love the new res update, now i can build my hotel!
  13. anybody know how much room we have to work with under ground? kinda curious to know so i can plan ahead
  14. All lots are 60x60x63x63 - 63x60x60 Air / 63x60x60 Dirt :)
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  15. well said twitch ;) BTW love this server :)
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  16. This is exactly what me and JabrZer0 are trying to do on smp3. We've even figured out how to allow other peeps to set up shops in the upper deck of the facility. It's gonna take weeks to finish though... however it does allow other people to get numerous jobs, like basement-digging, basic construction, and more trusted players are getting payed premium to design certain areas. We've even got rent charge figured out. We'll just have to see how it pans out...
    Geez, I loved MC way too much already and now this server... it's gonna ruin my final exam grades. :confused: