I think i started something

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  1. Ok i swear to god i was the first one to build a house/shack here. All the other "houses" were just rooms underground, there was no space so i decided to build a slime shack above ground.... And now look at it.

    From my one little shack to this lol
  2. Wow, looks like a rather large community that sprung up based on your screenshots... Any more details on this. Slightly confusing ;)
  3. yay u can see my wood pyramid :D with the leaves and stuff :)
  4. and me and faiths large pit of jungle trees :)
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  5. Well CreppaNinga235 says he started everything and he owns the town.... :D

    What madness gone into him :D?
  6. You can see the coords on the top of the pictures :)
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  7. Its public area
  8. Ah.
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  9. Sorry i should have mentioned, this is the public slime farm :)
  10. Which server? Utopia?
  11. Yeah, I was here before most of the buildings were there. Now, there are darkrooms, farm, etc. And my brother got a sign from someone saying he was the "police" and thus my bro had to move his house. Facepalm. Maybe all this growth isn't a good thing.
  12. The town is called
    And it is on Utopia.
    We have a 3x3 tunnel which is 600 blocks long with a minerail to spawn.
    We also have rollercoasters and houses
  13. Oh and btw, to whoever made the other darkroom, you might want to put signs on the canal. Otherwise with the new mob AI they will not walk in.
  14. WOW! The Slime Town has changed ALOT! and Creppa doesn't own crap their except his little dirt house. :p

    Their aren't any owners, its all a community. I should go back sometime.... It has grown alot...
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  15. So this is what happened. I saw Melodytune's thread and decided to check the slime farm out. Then I was too lazy to move back to spawn, so I was just playing on another server. Then my friend and I wanted to mine on utopia, so I return to the surface and BOOM, a small swampy area is now a growing town. xD
  16. I think It's great that more people are starting to venture out into the wild.
    New A.I.?
  17. Yeah, somewhere on the wiki stated it wouldn't work in 1.2.5 I think.
  18. You should try to talk with him :D he acts like a king of SLime Town
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  19. I was the number 6 to see then farm :D
    So now CreppaNinga235 you are my slave :D