I think I should be scared

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Adderwolf71, May 18, 2013.

  1. Does EMC control the ads it shows? I just got the creepiest ad ever.
    It said, "Click here for a Roman orgy! JUST ONE CLICK!"
    Not too long ago I also got a Wartune ad that said "You body is my party! Come to Wartune!"
    Should I be scared? I think I should.
  2. Yeah, that mother fire-trucking ad. I just muted it.
  3. Ok, I just got that Roman ad again.
    How to disable it?
  4. hit the x thing in the corner of the ad. Bai!
  5. I don't think EMC controls the advertisement, because I get German ads ( I'm German). But the ads you got are very strange.
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  6. The ads vary upon your recent "relatable" searches and websites you've been too.... Dun... Dun.. DUNNNNNN!
  7. The ads you get are based on what you do on your computer. I get that Roman one too, but that is because i have searched up many things for history classes. And because of how the system works, since you made this thread, and since you keep looking at it, you are increasing the chances of ads like it to return. And you probably increased the chances of everyone else seeing those ads after viewing this thread. Good going:rolleyes:
  8. Luckily I disabled them.
    Oh, and your're welcome.
  9. Go one step farther and get Adblock!