I think I should be scared

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  1. OK so on the advertisements on here, there is one for Barnes & Nobles, which in case you do not know what it is, it is a book store. Anyways, it knows what books I searched for, on a different device. I am kinda creeped out, but its also kinda cool.
  2. The ads you see are usually based around the searches you do on the internet. I have been seeing contact lens and gardening ads lately. :p
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  3. So you're gonna improve eyesight, lawn and grocery bill at the same time? :p

    After coming to this page I now have Barnes & Noble ads. Usually have ads for games and server hosting and hardware.
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  4. I usually get sharp knives and funeral home advertisements.
    And sleeping pills.
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  5. I get ads for child care and other things.
  6. i get advertisements for books.
  7. Don't listen to any of them
    It's really the Government.
    They are watching you. As we speak they are probably going through your browsing history, downloads and keystrokes.
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  8. Thats exactly why i have a special radio an antenna as large as a car. Because if the government says aliens don't exist, i find them.:p
  9. Pretty sure you can't beat this antena:
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  10. good thing i'm not talking right now :p
  11. Textbooks... The ads are offering me freaking textbooks... ._.
  12. The way your computer picks up your searches is through cookies
  14. I got AdBlock. Now I don't even see adds.
  15. ABP FTW!
  16. Right now i see this.

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  17. Note about AdBlock... I have it disabled on one site only, and that's empireminecraft.com. I feel like it's the closest I can get to supporting this awesome server.
  18. Some of the ads are really creepy. I mean, really creepy. There was this one Dragons of Atlantis ad where there was a creepy, yellow, puffy, mutant, thing.

    When I look up at the ad on my screen it is about textbooks.