I think I need a new mouse

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  1. So. My mouse seems to be randomly clicking in minecraft. I break a block and my player goes on a rampage for a few seconds. This is not fun. Anyone know why this is happening? I'm not lagging; this is in creative.

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  2. Pres esc then press esc again, usually works.
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  3. New lab rat?
  4. If the following procedure does not work, you may need to see the store for a new mouse.
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  5. I don't think your mouse can randomly click like that... It's probably a bug of some sort. Have you got any mods installed?
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  6. Thanks for the quick replies, and this worked, AmusedStew.
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  7. I have Rie's minimap and OptiFine only.
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  8. Ok then. That won't cause any problem.
    Must have just been a bug of some sort...
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  9. It has happened to me since 1.2....
    That is only reason i knew the solution :p
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