I think any political forms should be banned.

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  1. I'm saying this because of the Kony 2012 stuff. EMC is NOT for politics, its for minecraft. Also, as this Kony stuff is just going to get more common and more extreme, I think we should ban political forms so it doesn't out of hand.
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  2. Most people will forget about it in a week, in my opinion. As much as people like to say they are wanting to help out, this is just another internet fad.. Before anyone wants to have a go at me for saying that, I'm just telling how I see it. I'm not against the Stop Kony movement, I just don't want to see it everywhere either :p
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  3. I'm usually not in favor of banning politics outright in any forum, but in this case I agree. The Minecraft community is quite young, many teens out there. That is an age where you start to show interest in such topics. However, you are also easy to impress and an easy target for propaganda. This forum can not educate young people about politics, and stopping discussions that need educational support would look just like censorship.

    However, I'd find it a good idea to provide a list of links to forums that can do that. I'm sure there must be some around?
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  4. I was banned from the website freerepublic about 8 years ago for telling the owner some colorful things he could do to himself after he had attacked my authenticity and patriotism because I didn't support the war on terrorism. Having read some of the more recent racist, xenophobic, and downright pathetic comments on that site, I wear my ban as a badge of honor.

    I'm a very politically-minded person who even previously wrote my own political blog, and even I agree that I don't really want to see a lot of political discussion here. There's enough heated discussion here without adding that element. On the other hand, I don't think an official ban is a wise decision either, but such discussions should be relegated to the smoky back rooms of the Other Discussion-Miscellaneous section.

  5. From: http://empireminecraft.com/guide/rules

    What i do believe should be added, it's respect of any kind of political orientation.