I tamed a Creeper

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Crazy1080, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I named him "Creepy" because I'm really creative.
    I love him so much.
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  2. lol. This happened to me one time. Unfortunately, only I could see him. Seems it's a client side glitch.
  3. It's not client side, xxBoWnZxx666 can see Creepy. I captured him in the center of 8 glass panes.
  4. Oh that's cool then! When it happened to me on our private server, only I could see him...and he left when I signed off/back on.
  5. That's sad, Jeremy; Creepers are the best. All they ever wanted was a hug, after all.
  6. He despawned, i went to go make quarry and i came back and he was no more... Im sorry for your loss. D':
  7. I'll miss him forever.
  8. lol when you go to far from any mob it disappears...
  9. creepers make good pets;)
  10. hugs.... i love creepers
  11. How did you get him there in the first place ? Did you lure him with sulfur :cool:(llike a boss)?