I suppose I never did this, but it's never too late!

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  1. Title says all. But to some I'm still considered a new member (2 months). So....
    I'm Adderwolf71, your friendly neighborhood snake-wolf hybrid. I like history, jokes, Minecraft, diamonds, cool houses, wild outposts, money, Paulsoaresjr, fun., and enchantments.

    I don't like creepers, skeletons, griefers, lags, glitches, Apple, Siri, the SkyArmy Cult, dying, gravel, poverty, hunger, forgetting things, dying, creepers, lags, and dying.
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  2. You said creepers twice but other than that,
    Welcome to the Empire! Something that I have not said to you yet ;)
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  3. The whole point was me saying creepers twice.
    It also is kinda weird to get "Welcome to the Empire!" when you're a Well-Known member. :p
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  4. I have something to add: Budder!
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  5. Said not just creepers twice you also said dying, three times, and lags twice