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  1. At my age of fourteen, I still do not get how to update Java. When I click yes when it asks 'do you want to make changes to this computer?' I click yes, but a message pops up and says cannot download this. (windows 8) I guess this has to do with Minecraft since it runs on Java.
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  2. Might be that you don't have admin permissions on the computer, why are you wanting to update java in the first place? Are you getting errors on some things? Personally, I go by the rule if it doesn't cause problems no need to update, but that might have been because my computer sucked and nearly crashed at updates.
  3. Few things you need to know for java:

    Only download from oracle website or java website - if it's from another website (popping up saying you need to download it) it is 95% of the time a scam (unless the site actually does run off of java)

    For minecraft to run properly ... once java is updated - go into add/remove programs (in control panel) and delete the older versions of java (the development kit is not the same as the java you're talking about - make sure to not mix up the two and accidentally delete that one)

    There are two different types of java usually; 32-bit ... and 64-bit ...
    If you look in your system properties (control panel -> all control panel items -> system) it should tell you your operating system
    Make sure to download 64-bit if you're on a 64 bit operating system (it will greatly help)

    Here is the link: Java
    Your computer version generally shouldn't have anything to do with what java you need - only operating system.
    So if you're 64 bit then you'd select: 64-bit windows ....

    As for popping up on your computer... You most the time need to close out of everything that runs java to install java.