I stream NFS: Rivals now

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  1. Hey there. I've never been one to post youtube videos, however I just today decided to stream one of my favorite racing games- Need for Speed: Rivals.

    I mainly do the cop career (because I can't progress in the racer career because brokenness.)
    I will be streaming now (the time of posting is 12:50 EMC Time.)

    I stream under my Chair_Overlord youtube account. See you there!
    note- i may not be able to stream on the thirty first because i'm unsure of wether psn is required to stream :p
  2. What are you going to be streaming on? Beam, twitch etc
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  3. If im correct I think I found the stream by searching Chair_Overlord on gaming.youtube.com
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  4. *plugs in microphone to DualShock4* Finally! I can speak!
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