I saw a wilderness construction burning

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by chhodgkins, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. ...on the live map, smp5. A wood/glass tower was burning, flared up, saw 2 kids moving away from it, and i watched the fire mostly go out. So in 5-10 minutes I go check it out - directly east of spawn just outside yellow line. One fire block still going, but mopstly glass was left. Saw a sign saying _________'s residence.

    So, is this something I tell someone? Or is wilderness fair game? Kinda makes me wish I'd built my tower outta stone.
  2. wilderness is not fair game, if you see people griefing things, take a screenshot and send it to the moderators in private chat. i don't know if seeing two people running away is evidence enough, but that's up to the mods I guess.

    this is considered griefing and is a bannable offence.
  3. Justinguy couldnt have said it any better.