I return from a long voyage.

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  1. Hear me out: this was FAR from what I normally do, for just going into the Wild with a stone pick, sword, 20 planks, three different rafts and some torches. Brave I am, though I have yet to survive the Nether with wooden tools. :)

    This time, I went into the SMP2 server, ready to pull off one of the biggest stunts in the server. My few resources were packed as I entered the North Outpost and headed south, in search of new lands.

    Unfortunately, I realized that I needed food, and I was REALLY far from the North outpost. As a result, I thought of staying on until about one o'clock AM yesterday just to ensure that I made it out of there alive, and without Voltorb Creepers spawining near me.

    My trip was anything but stupid, as I found all the following:
    • One abandoned village
    • Water and Coal galore
    • A slew of breathtaking mountains
    • A horde of 10 zombies. Yes, 10. I think I put them to rest.
    • Multiple structures I set up for the heck of it, including a few lighthouses I scattered around. Find one near the North Outpost that looks like a "scarecrow" for utter proof. If you want to see this item (which you are free to), go ahead and find the coordinates -1085, -8374.
    My return, which took a full 2 and a half hours, was full of steaks, coal and rotten flesh in my vault. Yippee.

    (Eh, I like creating an, "adventurer's journal" here to discuss some of my many trips through The Wild/Nether. Pretty social around the forums.)
  2. ummm.... i would edit out the greifing bit unless u want someone banned... u could be banned for having someone banned...
  3. Been there, done that.
  4. Just a quick question:

    If you go to the North outpost and then head south, won't you eventually get back to spawn? :p
  5. Keep it up. I would like to see more of these. From you and other players as well. :) I would really enjoy some Minecraft Fan-Fiction about individuals adventures here in EMC. :)
  6. I like doing that kind of thing too. On smp4 I'm currently 10000 blocks north of the North outpost :D
  7. A really fun method is to go 10K blocks out in Wild, build a portal to the nether, go another 5K out there and build another portal, go another 5K out in Wild, build a portal, go another 2500, build a portal... Find a nice place to build a base, and get to work living way out in the middle of nowhere and hiding from everyone by using /map hide :)
    You will never find my portals either. ;) I have them hidden deep underground, much deeper and more secure than The City. :D
  8. Lol that is if you are a supporter :p
  9. Right, my mistake... Was not aware he was only a member... :) Ok, become a supporter and follow my guidelines ;)
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