I require YouTube channel art also!

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  1. Hey guys, Choon here!

    As I just read demon's thread about requiring YouTube channel art, I also realize that I need channel art! So, if you may, please spare the time to make channel art for my channel! ^.^

    Because I believe this can interfer with Demon's thread, if you are willing to make channel art, but don't have the time to make more than two, go ahead and make channel art for him first! Here's his thread : http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-make-me-a-yt-channel-art-7k-prize.34755/

    Anyways, back to my own thread. I didn't put this in contests or event, because it isn't an event, obviously. But it's not a contest, because I'm going to use everyone's channel art! I mean, I guess I'm technically buying channel art... Anyways, because I think this can interfer with Demon's thread, I'll go ahead and give a round reward of 3,000 rupees! (I will probably raise this, and if you already made a prize before I raised the amount, I'll pay you enough to keep up with the prize. ^.^ )

    Now I suppose I need to get to what I wish to have as channel art. Well, I'm looking for a
    • Thumbnail Base (A thumbnail I can use for all videos, and edit text if I need to)
    • A picture for the strip at the top of a channel (below the search bar, where the links are)
    • Profile Picture!
    Now that you know what I'm looking for, here's some stuff that I'm looking for for what I want as channel art
    • Panda-related things
    • Potatoes
    • A blur, perhaps? Kinda as if it's mysterious

    PM me if you have anything you have made, which I'm sure is to be awesome, or if you has any questions. Remember, help Demon out first! (then if you have the time, make one for your potato guy! ^.^ )
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