I Require your Aid for My Next Story

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  1. Hail, reader! I've come to ask you to help me with the task of writing my next short story I will be writing, which I'm thinking of titling Eldritch Nights. This is the synopsis of what I got so far. Museum worker Joseph Edwards travels to London, England to collect a new item recently discovered in the English countryside, only to find that it's been stolen mysteriously. Basically I haven't written a proper short story except for my trilogy for the past 4 years and they were really experimental to improve my writing. So if you would like you can read my 3 short stories or a few and offer me an idea on what to improve. Don't mention Grammar as I've already noticed most of the problems and plan to fix it. Thanks for the help!
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  2. You should have a real Stephen King vibe in it. :) Make the story dark, but keep the details in full force. To top that off, give us the minds of the characters too. If you don't read Stephen King, then sorry and ignore the comment. :D
  3. Sounds good, I was kinda keeping to the Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft idea. At least I won't spend 3 pages describing a cereal box...
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  4. Add some Zombies, Lasers and 80`s Music. It can never go wrong. Believe me, I know.

    Here`s a depiction of how people should react to your story:
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  5. Oh the horror that awaits you is worse than zombies...
  6. Make the story with a little bit of horror, and a little bit of comedy and some action in it
  7. A little comedy could be used for sure.
  8. Now all I require is a British name for the female protagonist.