i really would like some help!

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  1. i have decided to make a community roller coaster on smp2 but first i need to dig the res out. i was paying people but the amount of money i was losing was just to much so i decided to see how many people would help for free? i think i had 3 people altogether over 3 days. honestly i think this is a pathetic attempt to help me make a massive roller coaster that anybody can use 24/7 and that will cost you no money. i goes this is just not good enough for some people.
    so what I'm asking is if anybody is willing to help me dig. i will not pay as there are some people who are willing to do it for free and understand that this is not for me? but or the community.
    so i ask if you can grab your shovels and help me dig at 3507 on smp2
    (im willing to supply shovels)
    thx guys i hope you help
    btw. the cost of this will be quite large for something I'm not making any money from. (30-35k)

    i will also buy your eff 3-5 shovels
  2. plz help guys
  3. If you do '/res set build true' that means everyone can stop by and take out some dirt. Il come round tomorow and see if i can help :)
  4. The rollercoaster at /fun on smp3 is fantastic, so you've got a high bar to reach. I'm not sure you need to do that much digging though, wouldn't you want most of your rollercoaster to be above ground?

    There's about four times as much space above ground level than there is below it, and it's nice to have a view while you're riding around....
  5. The thing is the roller coaster will cost me around 40k and will go almost to the sky and I have always had /res set build true on
  6. U have diamond supporter use tnt
  7. I'm not good with placing it in efficient places
  8. And its so expensive
  9. Not really. You don't buy it at the EMC shop, that would be silly. People sell gunpowder and sand for A LOT LESS than what TNT costs, although the sand you can even go out and fetch for free if you're not worried about time, so really, all you gotta do is buy gunpowder and make the TNT yourself. Well, that's what I do, anyway.
  10. Remember to do /res default everytime you log off. You can't trust everybody ..
  11. Why ? All they can do is destroy dirt
  12. why god why!?
  13. My name is robot not god :p
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  14. It cost me like 70k to destroy my whole res, lol - with TNT. Tell me and I can help with placing it.
  15. Ok sure I'll go get some, that's why I'm not using TNT because I'm bad a placing in good places