I really hate when

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  1. I bite a chip and it stabs my mouth.
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  2. In my experience the curly (and gosh forbid completely folded over) Doritos tend to you stab you a lot more, plus they taste like half as good since the cheese powder never really makes it on the inside of the fold.
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  3. I really hate when...
    I fall asleep and do not mean to!
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  4. So true, Doritos are the worst when it comes to cutting up your mouth
    I do this all the time.
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  5. I really hate when I have the sudden realization I spent all my money and I'm broke.
    (This includes rupees too :oops:)
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  6. i really hate when…
    i have to clean my room
  7. I really hate when I die in a pool of lava
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  8. I hate it when I wake up at 11:00 and breakfast is cold :oops:
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  9. I really hate it when i get a faulty motherboard every gosh darn freaking time
  10. I really hate it when I want so much but have so little money :p
  11. Me when I want more alts
  12. I hate it when you forget not to mine down when you find a huge amount of diamonds
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  13. How can these stab your lips...

    I do know what you mean... I am just messing with ya ;D
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  14. I really hate when I complete something and then realize I was off by an inch. :mad:
  15. They're really sharp.
  16. Thanks for my 700th like btw.
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