I really dispise the new server plug in

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Do you like the new clumping (whatever) for the server?

Yes! I really do! 19 vote(s) 50.0%
NO! I dispise it with you redwing 7 vote(s) 18.4%
It's ok, i mean its not bad...... 12 vote(s) 31.6%
  1. Whenever we did not have the new (whatever) where items clumped together, i liked playing alot. However that clumping bug for me made the game less fun even though it was a little more efficient for me instead of picking up everything. But it was fun to play around while getting all the items, and it made running casino games easier because you could see. But now, even though passing the items is a bit easier by stack, i cant see the items being passed to me one by one, because alot of people do that and i like counting it. Could we possibly have that fixed for the people who like it and the people who dont?

  2. Its for the greater good of the server.. Its not somethin that can be turned on/off player by player
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  3. Sorry but what do you mean by "clumping"?
  4. Oh I didn't realize that was empire-specific.

    What he means is when you mine things they all clump into stacks and you only have to go to one place to pick them up.

    It's awesome if the stack falls where you can get easily, not so great if you're unlucky and it falls down a ravine/into lava with all the stuff which would have landed in a safe location.
  5. I love it, means I no longer have to wade through my irrigation water streams when harvesting my wheat, as any that fall in, then jump back into the clump.
  6. I dont like it, I have to redesign my wheat farm (good thing its small).
  7. I personally feel the large performance gain this gets us outweighs wanting to see them on the ground not grouped into stacks.
  8. This is really a positive. You just have to get use to it and mine a little bit differently...

    This feature will help you more than it hurts. Simply change your mining habits and gain from it.

    Mining glowstone? now you can mine glowstone that would be over the edge of your platform, then mine the one next to it, and quickly work your way over the platform, and let it all safely drop in one place, letting you mine glowstone with smaller "platforms"

    This also GREATLY improves the speed of wheat farms...
    I harvested 7x3 x 12 sections in mere seconds

    bitmonger: why would you have to redesign? this doesn't affect anything with how it drops to the ground, just the location. it just makes it ALOT easier to pick up.
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  9. Not sure if this is related, seems like it is, but some stacks of items have been "jumping" out of crates and clumping on the floor in my res lately. Probably already fixed because I haven't noticed it for a day.
  10. Yep, it's awesome. It makes harvesting resources *way* less laggy.

    Less lag > "fun to play around while getting all the items"
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  11. Endermen or creepers in your chest are throwing them out to make room for themselves to have a BBQ. :p
    Are you running any sort of inventory tweaking mods as they can cause little errors like this occasionally?
  12. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that when you're mining quickly, because of the clumping, you need to ensure you stop every so often so you pick it up, or else you risk maybe letting it drop down a hole or go somewhere you don't want it to.

    I've also not worked out how much it will safely hold in a clump, but I've had two stacks of dirt so far.
  13. considering justin said all of the exp of the ender dragon successfully grouped into 1 ball... i dont think theirs any limit you need to worry about.
  14. hmmm...

    The new grouping system - can we have that removed on EXP? cause there is sure as heck something wrong :/
  15. when I make the full size version, it might want to stack somewhere else and make it hard to collect the wheat.
  16. Great move.

    Not only it makes every single tasks in the game better , but it helps reducing the stress on the server.

    Very smooth.
  17. you would have to do something extremely weird for this to be a bad thing...

    The wheat should always end up where the last wheat was broken.

    I'm going to try to record a video of my wheat farm tonight in how quick it runs...
  18. if theres something wrong, then it should be fixed, not remove the feature...

    Having to only collect 1 ball while exp grinding will be super awesome once I get a new grinder setup.
  19. The only real issue with the system is when you lose a full stack of items into lava, or down a ravine. I don't know if there is any solution for this though.
  20. What do you see as being wrong. At first I thought the same thing, but after playing for a while, it feels like it's going up at the speed it should be for me. I believe Twitch did a test comparing single player to the new system here and didn't find any differences with XP going up.