i R bored. Who wants company?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Cypher_Rahl, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I is bored. Who wants to skype or something?

    I'm going to be building at LLO on SMP7


    Or if someone wants to head far, far, away to my Desert wilds told with me on SMP8 that's cool too.


    If you're just chilling and wouldn't mind a chat.

    Let me know! :D

  2. Hello =3
    1st post! :)
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  3. Ohhh herrow! What are you up to?
  4. Please don´t go to EMC! TO MAINSTREAM.
    also, I´ll log on in 30 mins or something, so then, we can build in the wild. I want to head far far far out on a server (not smp7) to build a village.......
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  5. Cool- if you're decent at building you're welcome to join the exclusive far, far away lost Desert Town Oasis thing.
  6. Working on a long, long nether path- haha