I play the godfather on kabam.com we can team up

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wanna be on same family in same crew

yes 2 vote(s) 16.7%
no 10 vote(s) 83.3%
  1. https://www.kabam.com/games/the-godfather
    on kabam.com i play the godfather i'm on the family stracci and my name is jimmy p.s. watch out for me i'm lv. 41 and will crush you if you trash talk me enjoy the game guys hope you enjoy if you guys want to start a EMC clan ill start it and we all have to be on stracci family and i will start it the server is torto let me know if your into that idea
  2. I play it in Facebook
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  3. Btw, I Will always be a Corleone
  4. what server and what your username
  5. Longest. Sentence. Ever. lol
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  6. two votes no who else voted
  7. Do u play in Facebook ?
  8. i play it on the actual website but i can still go on your server Facebook picks the least played on server as default at that time to even out servers it should say on top right i'm on sever torto
  9. why do all the votes all have to be so negitive im just trying to team up as one big family
  10. I am on verdura server And my name is Don Corleone!
  11. nice name are you a diamond player
  12. So is it just one of those Facebook games where you have to wait some hours before clicking things?
    People have the choice to vote no if they want.
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  13. Me? No
  14. so true
  15. I have 3 hoods. First hood, brooklyn And park avenue
  16. i have all 5
  17. I used to had 500 pulitoris but I Lost them all. Now I use tommy gunners I have like 100
  18. That doesn't really answer what I said, what's so true?
  19. People have the choice to vote no if they want.
    is so true
  20. Yes rainbow, u have to be afk for hours And clicking updates
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