I never knew this before!

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Did you fall for it?

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  1. You are now manually breathing :p
  2. Also, your tongue never sit comfortably in your mouth
  3. You can feel your clothes.

    You're blinking manually.
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  4. This just made me uncomfortable again!
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  5. you suck
    you suck
    you suck
    you suck

    now i feel weird
  6. lol oh thanks guys xP
  7. Did you know you can't sneeze with your eyes open? Not even if you hold them with your fingered :p
  8. Or your eyeballs will pop. :p
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  9. If you mean your eyeballs can fall out or anything then it's literally impossible
  10. Out of the socket? Nah. I don't study Optometry, but I do know about it. I heard about a guy trying to do that once, got sent to the ER. Though, it largely depends on the intensity of the sneeze. It may bleed, hurt and come off loose a bit. But it'll be alright.
  11. you are now realising you read the most pointless thread ever
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  12. What exactly is this... There's a lobster with hairy (well, bristly to be exact) claws! Hahahaha!