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  1. Hello everyone! Lately, me and ChickenButler have been thinking of holding another event to celebrate the holiday season but don't know what events you guys would like best. At the moment, we are planning to hold a grand total of 12 events (parody of 12 days of christmas), though that number may fluctuate and won't be final until the official thread comes out. The only problem is that we've ran out of ideas on what to do; that's where you guy come in! We're asking you guys to suggest any events/contents you'd like to see and be a part of and also receive your feedback on the events planned already or how you want to see them run of they do happen. So far me and Butler have come up with the following:
    • Drop party and trivia
    • Wild/wastelands race
    • Maze
    • Grief search (Something like what was done for Halloween with the pumpkins)
    • Spleef
    • Chest hunt
    Tl;dr- I'm asking you guys to suggest any events that you'd like to see (must be able to be done by a normal player) and give feedback on already planned ideas.
    All feedback and suggestions are appreciated! :)
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  2. I honestly would like to see a code hunt, it's were you get a bunch of cows; but them on a residence; have their codes in a book with prizes; then give us egglify and whoever gets what code gets a prize.

    Also, you might be able to do something like a parkour to heaven, top 3 players to finish first in the parkour gets a prize.
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  3. I can't believe we didn't think of parkour, thanks for the suggestion! :p As for the egging of animals, if we do something like that we would like to add some challenge to it besides just eggifying. Something similar to bat capture would be nice, just substitute bats for snow golems or that has a holiday feel to it.

    Bump - Remember, all feedback is appreciated so don't be afraid to reply! :D
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  4. First put drop party and trivia has two separate things, skin contest...idk,minecraft lancing(two mine arts battling each other), red vs blue(groups of people who battle each other for their team, involves pvp), pig race(get on pigs and race each other, not like horse race), fire floor (like RainbowChins), dance party, King of the hill(involves pvp...maybe), and more I will think of later
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  5. I have thought of another idea Grief party were a giant house gets destroyed. I was also thinking of a build contest person with the best building wins
  6. I really like the king of the hill idea. If we were going to do something like that, we'd have to make sure who all is participating is monitored and keep track of when they die. Possibly invite all players participating in the event to a group and when someone dies, kick them out of the group?

    Also thought of having an archery/snowball throwing competetion of some sorts. Basically how it would work is that I'll give out a res number and you'll spawn on that res. Right next to that res will be another res in which move is turned off with small towers with item frames with promos inside. Right after giving out the res number I'll turn on +itemframe. With Aikar's <somewhat> recent update, when knocking out an item from an item frame, the item is sent directly to your inventory. Thoughts?

    I'd really love some more feedback/suggestion so we know what to start planning for. :D
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  7. I think that you will need lots of roses for that I mean you need a minimum of 4 reses because there are many people so you would have to take one group to one red and one to the other you would also need the 4 reses to be match to each other other wise your in someone else's res
  8. It will not let me say residences will it
  9. IceVolley
    (maybe on a res with snow bio or wild/waste in a snow bio)

    Set up would be like a Volley Ball court, 2 sides with a "net" between. Instead of standing on sand, you would be in a "pool" of water, so the player's movement is slowed. Your "ball" would be a block of Ice and one team would have to "toss" it over the "net" to the other team. The players would have to "catch" it and then "toss" back to the other team. The teams would consist of maybe 8/12 players (depending on how big you make the "court"). Points are tallied by misses (when the "ball" hits the water and not a player). You would need referees to make sure the ball actually was "caught" by the player and not sucked into inventory from the water or bottom. Another "penalty" to this game is the reason playing in a snow bio would be great. If the water turns to ice, you can't break it to make water again, so your movement is hindered even further (or not - you can leave this part out if you want). Was just keeping it wintery. :D

    Another idea...

    Yule Loggging

    Basically its a relay race. You could have 4 player teams, to make it short or 8 to make it longer. With only a wooden axe and no buffs or potions. First team player would grab logs out of a dispenser, one at a time (64?32? how ever many you think would be good) he will then stack all the logs up and then chop them all down....run to the next team member (which will be several blocks away and you can add an obstacle if you want), give them the logs, one at a time. Second team member does the same, stacks them up and chops them down, gives to third member and so on. The last member of the team, when done chopping them down, will run to a hopper and will drop them in, one at a time. You can base this on time or who finishes first.

    So anyway, there you go. Hope these made sense and you can alter them however you like. Just some ideas off the top of my head. :D

    Good Luck!
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