i need your help

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  1. as you read the title i need your help :D well your probably wondering with what?:confused: well not to many servers have a musem and i noticed smp3 dosent have one now this bother's me because i like seeing promo's and emc specials so have you ever wanted to be part of a big project? well i'm recruitng 5 members to help me build my musem on smp3 to be a part in it. be one of the first 5 people to comment. my res is 6121 and yes so plz come help me build and be a part of this big progect:)
  2. ok then shall we get started?
  3. spy, if I get unbanned I will be happy to help, I just can't now :(
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  4. Just a FYI this project shall cost millions. The super promos are VERYEXPENSIVE and like nobody would sell em. If someone sells em you gotta be quick to put it on reserve or mman2832, FDNY21 and FaithCaster will get the promo first. If you ask me this project is VERY stressful. Good Luck :)
  5. I'd say or hashhog3000 would get it first, but that would involve work and money. :rolleyes:
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  6. I would like to help :D
    Just wondering will there be any type of reward?
    I can help you with anything else too