I need YOUR help with YouTube video ideas!

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  1. hello everyone, I have finally drawn a blank for making YouTube videos for my channel.. so I am turning to you guys nectar l because I love EMC and is my favorite server since I began playing minecraft. I'd like to do a minecraft SOMETHING. . I just don't know what. all suggestions are appreciated. I don't want to do a server review though as it has been done so many times
  2. Hmmmm..... ill think of something
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  3. UPDATE: Just got home and have recieved my NEW Turtle Beach P11's!! The microphone sounds amazing and sound quality is like Beats Audio but better!@

    Now that I think about it a server review wouldn't be terrible but, I don't have enough subbers out there though so I can't spread the name of EMC very far. I do want to do something that will attract viewers and not just a select few but a lot of people. I do have a Tekkit server set up on a computer in my house. Maybe I could do something like the Yogscast and do a Let's Play series instructing users how to play as I go.
  4. Turtles are not bad, i use them to game on the xbox and now and then on Minecraft. With the idea of lets play everyone is doing them, even the main Youtubers like TheSyndicateProject And Yogscast. I would Enjoy to Watch videos about EMC and Awesome builds and such. And what do you use to record?
  5. Well to record I have several problems, I am trying to find lightweight programs that don't use a lot of RAM or memory.. I have Camtasia studio 8 & 7 recorders, Camstudio using Camtasia's video codecs 'cause I can. I had HyperCam but got rid of it. I want Fraps but don't think my mom'll let me buy it. I like Camstudio because I can use Camtasia's codec but not get half the lag I get from using their recorder. I use Camtasia 8 to edit but I also have Roxio Game Cap editor, Pinnacle Studio (Dazzle DVC 110), I have Vegas Pro 11 but it's corrupted and half of the effects don't work, and I have Camtasia 7 & 8 if you couldn't already have inferred.

    I guess I could do EMC let's plays or build showoffs. I have just about finished my castle on SMP1 2027 if you want to check that out. I just have to add a bit more furniture and remove the chests.

    ALSO can't use copyrighted music so pain in the neck for finding free dubstep/ awesome music. either that or have to get Deadmau5 or someone to let me use their music royalty free :(.

    EDIT: Found a youtube channel called ByeByeCopyright; they have copyright free dubstep that people have made :D you just have to include the person's name in your desc.
  6. Wouldn't you need more then one player for a Let's Play?
  7. I have a couple of friends ;).. Don't worry they're awesome lol. Taco(Matthew), Jal(John), and Plague my pals in crime (if I ever do decide to commit one LOL)
  8. That could make a good introductory line, but replace "If I ever commit one" with "When Amazon messes up my order and sends me a gun, hurry up, these TV's cost A LOT"
  9. are you ready for this? buuuuuuuuuummmmmmmnpppppppp
  10. I recently started a Youtube channel too, and I am buying Fraps this week, so maybe we can do something together?
  11. I also started a YouTube channel. Well, a new one. Lot's of people getting channels.
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  12. Yeah, but I am special...
  13. Do you have a private server for the sole purpose if your videos? Because it's quite easy, actually. Just follow instructions exactly.
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  14. EZVid. I use it, but it's only good for the default texture pack or lower if you have the minimum requirements for Minecraft.
    I think you should do an EMC lets play, like i'll be doing when my laptop is fixed :p
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  15. I use CamStudio, but I could run Fraps if I get it.
  16. I had FRAPs, but I returned it because it lagged my PC. I got the Camstudio trial for about 120 days and never bought it, and then I got my new youtube channel in december and I couldn't use Camstudio anymore, and EZVid is the only free software that doesn't lag. It's specially built for Minecraft and other games too, which helps :D
  17. CamStudio is killing my PC, Fraps not, so I will be using Fraps
  18. If you want I can be the one who logs out while flying and then falls to death.
  19. I'm actually downloading Fraps now. Camstudio refuses to acknowledge the existence of itself.
  20. ill look up ezvid see if I like it. last night I was doing an hour long recording that I each l was going to split up for tekkit. then I find out after I recorded something happened and I couldn't use the video I just recorded with lol. if you guys add me on Skype we can do a series together or something. mah Skype is waffledude007