I need your dirt!

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  1. Hello EMCers!

    I am going to open a complex soon on my res, and one of the services I'll be providing will be a free market dirt exchange. I have about 30 double chests of dirt now, but I hope to have more than 1000 by the time I open. Since many of you have useless dirt clogging up your double chests that you want to get rid of, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands. I'll even pay up to 10r per double chest to ensure that I reach my dirt goal.

    If you wanna give me dirt, just make access signs on your dirt chests and tell me about it. If you want to sell, then make dirt shop signs, and I'll buy you out. Also, in the next few days, I'll be making dirt shops on my res (in front of tpset on smp8 res 16197) for both donations and sales if you want to drop it off.

    Together, we can make my dirt exchange floor not just a dream, but a browner future for all of us.

    Thank you!
  2. I will give you dbchest of dirt just come to 10181 on smp5 the reason why i can't come to smp8 because I'm in the nether to far to travel to town
  3. Got it, thanks!
  4. Np , :D
  5. Smp7 res 14162 :).
  6. Sweet, found a new supplier of dirt for my project!!!!