I need Windows 7 Home premium help!

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  1. this morning my computer started doing weird stuff with images (not showing up) then it froze and i restarted it but now in the lower right corner of my screen I see:
    "Windows 7
    Build 7601
    This copy of Windows is not genuine"
    ive had this computer for about a year and nothing like this has happened and i haven't been downloading random stuff (except for a ton of steam games)
    has something been corrupted or what?
    I need help fast.... thanks in advance
  2. What company is the computer?

    Depending on the what company, i would call them and talk with support and see if that would help?

    If that doesn't help, you can do a restore on the computer. You would save everything, but your computer would go through and re-install and fix any issues
  3. If your computer has a little sticker on it that is your Windows key and you can Use it to reactive your W7HP
  4. actually after some time windows noticed my computer wasnt using "genuine" software and took me to their official site (i made sure this wasnt a trick) they had me download a small application and it determined it was a simple corrupted file nothing had to be restarted or renewed just an auto fix and time was needed (let this thread stay as it is so other with this problem in the future may solve thier problems)
  5. Good that you got it fixed, and I'm surprised a website telling you to download something to fix something else wasn't a phish..
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