i need to buy 10 eff 4 diamond shovels

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  1. plz comment if u can sell me a few?
    i need unused ones plz
  2. guys plz sell me 1 or 2 or what ever i really need them
  3. i have some stuff on SMP1 849,Come and check it out
  4. Please do not post stuff like this in the auction sub-forum. This belongs in the Community Marketplace forum.
  5. Ok thx btw mtp thx I wasn't sure where to put it
  6. I have one for 1000r, I'll be on SMP2
  7. Ok thx ill buy it soon but I need 9 more :confused:
  8. I can sell u 9 diamond shovels for 9000r
    Come to /v dash_z on SMP4 I'll have the shop up by Sunday.
  9. ok thx what enchantments are they?
  10. Sorry someones bought them :(
    If I get some I'll tell you though
  11. please don't advertise that you have them then sell them