I need sponges

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  1. Hi, I need sponges to clear out a water temple that spawned just about 50 blocks from my farm. Maybe I broke too much mirrors in my life but the temple had 0 damn sponge chambers...

    I need about 1 stack and 2 if the price is generous.
    Message me here or in imbox if you want to sell some.

    My maximum price is 1k ea., if you sell them for less I might be tend to buy 2 stacks!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. I think I got 1 and a half stacks at my res. 1k each is fine to me.
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  3. Nice ! Tell me when I can pay/pick up.
  4. I could probably find you up to 2 stacks for 950r each. Let me know if you still need them.
  5. bought them already :/ but I'll keep you in mind if I need more thanks !